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Think Again about the Woman in Eden √

(Genesis 2-3)

Think Again about the Man in Eden √

(Genesis 2-3)

Think Again about Unequally Yoked  Spouses √ 

(1 Peter 3:1-7)


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Think Again about Church Leaders √

(1 Timothy 1-3)

Think Again about Submission 

(Ephesians 5-6) NOW 

Think Again about Women and Authority 

(1 Corinthians 11:2-16)

Think Again about Women and Silence

(1 Corinthians 14:34-40)

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think again about the patriarchy passages

Wish you had learned this sooner?

Have you sensed people are stuck? Do they sound confusing?
Errors in familiar “patriarchy passages” may be the problem. Think Again about the Bible! Go beyond patriarchy!
1. You don’t have to identify where patriarchal interpretative errors are causing you problems.
2. Our workshop sessions on key passages will reveal them to you. You will know the errors and will be able to say NO! to these errors.
3. You will be able to act on the clear message of these important  Bible passages and respond to how God is really offering to meet with  you.
4. So now? Subscribe for your first Live Workshop Session and Think Again about the Bible.

In 101: The MARRIAGE Series you will begin “in the beginning” with the man and the woman in the  Garden of Eden. You will lean how God designed “Marriage Before Patriarchy.” This is of special  interest to those who are NEARING MARRIAGE, are NEWLY MARRIED, or are WORKING ON THEIR MARRIAGE. Key passages of study: Genesis 2.  Genesis 3.  1 Peter 3:1-7.

In 201: The MINISTRY Series you will move to the New Testament and the church  for “Ministry Beyond Patriarchy.” This is for everyone thinking about  the five percent in church who minister to the rest of us. Who  should minister and how do we know? Key passages of study: 1 Timothy 1-3.  Ephesians 5:15-6:9.  1 Corinthians 11:2-16.  1 Corinthians 14:34-40. 

Get unstuck and Think Again about the Bible. Move beyond the errors of patriarchal thinking! Help others with what you learn. 

What does it cost to become a Team Member and join the Think Again Workshop? Live participation and materials is just $31.60/month. Or subscribe for the discounted annualized amount of just $316.

To get started Email your instructor now  and use these two words in the header  “Wait List.”

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In every case we learn to think again about the Bible and get life changing insights beyond patriarchy. Move beyond frustration, confusion and inaction too!

Also, you can sponsor these sessions for a couple, someone in ministry, or that sincere person who might have been tempted to give up.

Audio, readable and printable materials are included with every session. And  the learning is fun with missionary Professor of Practical Theology (ret.) Bruce C. E. Fleming. 


Those who have studied with Bruce C. E. Fleming have said:

"I just bought the ebook - I like the style - so readable - easy to follow - logical ... yet fullsome with great info I'd never seen before." MO 

“I just finished listening to Bruce's study book … appreciated it so  much. I appreciate how re-framing the issues at hand aids our  understanding about the problems they had with overseers. I think  students who had Bruce for a professor were fortunate to have such a  clear teacher.” Tim

"I am really enjoying the Patriarchy Passages book. Now that I have been reading your books I have a better understanding of Gen.3:16 and because of this... I am recognizing and understanding these passages in the New Testament. I see it everywhere, whereas before I hadn't noticed so much or its importance. For example,  I have read Hebrews many times but this time when I read it I saw all the passages from Genesis more clearly and was amazed! Thank  you for your work and Joy's." JV

 “I preached this morning here in Africa… in part because of things that you’ve written!” Ann W.

 “I want a copy of your book for every leader and pastor coming to our conference in Rwanda!” Domnic

 “I appreciated your book. Thank you!” Mariellen


Why have so many passages been distorted in the translation and  theology-building process? Many blame the assumed theological underpinnings of patriarchy. If this is so, let's move beyond patriarchy and do theology based on the original texts of the Old and New Testament!


In Each Workshop Series You Will Overview 3+ Key Passages


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101: The MARRIAGE Series. You will receive three Think Again Books to study from! Think Again about the Woman in the Garden. Think Again about the Man in the Garden. Think Again about the Weaker Spouse.

201: The MINISTRY Series. You will receive four Think Again Books to study from! Think Again about Church Leaders. Think Again about Submission. Think Again about the Women & Authority. Think Again about Women & Silence.

For those who successfully complete Series 101: Apply to join the TRU316 Project!