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DId you know Genesis 3:16 is being mistranslated?


The problem.

The vast majority of Bible versions have adopted translating the opening line of the verse as if a grammatical pattern called a “hendiadys” were present. This leads them to say that God virtually cursed the woman with “pain-in-childbirth.” Translators then carry over this negative idea into the next line of the verse and then to its end. They say having children will necessarily be “painful.” They continue with their negative view of the woman and imply that she had evil “desire” that merited being “ruled over” by her husband. What a sorry story!

The guide.

Dr. Joy Fleming spent seven years in advanced research uncovering the original meaning of this verse in the Hebrew language in which it was written. Her original work received highest honors in academia and is praised by modern scholars as well. More?

The solution.

Dr. Fleming found that God promised the woman she would experience “sorrowful-toil” (or ‘itsabon, in Hebrew, the first of the two words in the linchpin) from the impact of God’s curse on the ground that was made because of the man, recorded in verse 17. And, God promised her “conception” (or heron, in Hebrew, the second of the two words in the linchpin) of Offspring who would crush the head of her serpent-tempter.

The plan.

The two words of the linchpin must be contained in line one of Genesis 3:16 - not hidden! Not only must translations be corrected to include them in all Bible versions in English and other languages, but theological interpretations based on what God said to the woman must be updated as well.

The outcome.

God’s words to the woman, correctly translated, show the grace and plan of God regarding the woman. She received the Promise! She was to be the forebearer of the Messiah. Like the man she would experience increased sorrow working the cursed ground. And as a mortal she would experience effort in childbirth. Her loving desire for the man had not gone away but her sinful husband would seek to rule over her. 

Is this outcome in harmony with good theology? Yes, and it is good theology

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I’ve printed off all the written material and am still working through it. Thank you for your faithfulness to serve God, teaching the truth of God’s Word! The Lord has been changing me through these new (to me) teachings and delivering me from spiritual deception! So thank you so much...

Revealing the Hidden Hebrew words in Genesis 3:16.

Sadly, Genesis 3:16a has been mistranslated in modern translations. Why? A mistaken interpretation is being made of the first four Hebrew words addressed to the woman. This makes it look like God placed a virtual curse on woman. Not so! Instead these four words tell the woman of "sorrowful field work" (Hebrew word 'itsabon) and promising "conception" (Hebrew heron) to come. Learn more? There are two effective ways. One is to start with the Think Again Workshop. The other is to read the book. It's perhaps the most surprising Bible discovery you can make!

Want to trust Genesis 3:16 again?

The "eww factor" is strong when one reads current translations of Genesis 3:16. There's a reason for that. There are many errors in them. But God's word from the Hebrew text brings positive news! Read the blog posts we have prepared for you. See the tab at the top of this page. Or study research findings in our book on those troublesome passages on women and men in the Old and New Testaments.

The Cause and the Steps


The Most Important Verse for Women after John 3:16

Having rediscovered the true meaning of Genesis 3:16, first we pray for change and then we say "Correct your translations!"


The mission of Tru316 is to provide readers of Genesis 3:16 

God’s clear promise to women and men battling Satan 

and the fallen world around them.


The Power of a Proper Translation

In 1987 Dr. Joy Fleming researched the Hebrew text of the Bible in Genesis chapters 2 to 3, especially the first part of verse 3:16. 

Her work revealed that most translations get it wrong. Is this a problem? Yes! Bad translations lead to bad theology and to bad practice!

In God's words there is NO CURSE ON THE WOMAN. Instead, God says she will feel the coming curse on the soil through "sorrowful-toil" (link down to verse 17), and she will have "conception" of the Offspring who will crush the serpent (link back to verse 15).


Get Involved

In spite of research that should correct the problems, erroneous translations of the Bible at Genesis 3:16 keep appearing, and in multiple languages. Would people stand for this with John 3:16? In this #metoo era, we can change things starting now by working together as partners in the Tru316 Project! Let's pray! We can rebuild the accurate foundation for all the Bible study that naturally flows from Genesis 3:16.