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In the Hebrew words of Genesis 3:16, God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way. But modern translations have strayed from the Hebrew text! Tru Partners help “true” the verse to spread the positive message of Eden!

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Together we can educate Bible readers of the positive message of the Garden of Eden and the good news that has been hidden regarding the New Testament passages on women and men. Together we can build a platform to educate Bible translators around the world to true the verse of Genesis 3:16 and related passages, because God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way!

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Does the Tru316 message make a difference?

I grew up in a fundamentalist “Christian” home. Meaning, I was taught early on that women were lesser than men and as an adult woman I would be transferred from my father’s “protection” (see: authority) to my husband’s while my father would still play a rather large role in deciding my life. Obedience, respect, and honor were words used interchangeably and the idea of becoming my own person with my own agency was roundly discouraged.

I wrestled with that concept from my early adolescence onward. It didn’t sit well with me and didn’t have the “ring of truth” to it. Whenever I read the Bible for myself, I couldn’t quite grasp where that authoritarian, legalistic, soul-crushing idea came from. I didn’t see Jesus treat women as the lesser half of humanity. In fact, in a culture known for degrading women, I saw a Savior who LOVED them and elevated them.

So while I outwardly “submitted” to the teachings of the mainstream church, I constantly sought answers to my questions. This inner struggle led me down a long, difficult path fraught with a lot of wounds and heartache from the abuses of people I thought I could love and trust.

And then I found Tru316 and the answers to the questions I had wrestled with for over two decades. Hearing Bruce break down Joy’s research in such easy to understand and complete ways has been such a refreshing oasis in my journey of faith. It’s reaffirmed that God was speaking life and truth to me and guiding my questions from childhood onward to married life. It also blessed me to know that I did not have to build up an expectation of my husband into this authoritarian creature who demanded my obedience and submission. God blessed me with a marriage that looks a whole lot like a Tru316 marriage and I am blessed to have that confirmation every time I listen to the Eden podcast or read through Bruce’s books. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow and hopefully someday teach others including my own sons and daughters about the True meaning of God’s love and grace for both men AND women. 😀

Sarah P. Wisconsin

What is the mission of

At, our mission is to “true” the verse of Genesis 3:16 and related passages on women and men. At present, modern translations of Genesis 3:16 make it look like God punished the woman to a very great degree with “pain in childbirth.” We demonstrate that the Hebrew text says no such thing.  In fact the hours of childbirth are not even touched on in Genesis 3:16!  Instead the Hebrew focuses on a two-fold link experienced by the woman. This double promise of action by God in the first line of Genesis 3:16 is most clearly translated by the King James Version of the Bible, as well as the more recent versions. God says I will multiply (1) your sorrowful-toil and (2) your conception.

  1. She too would experience the impact of the curse on the ground that would be made by God because of the man (see Genesis 3:17). Both the woman and the man would be involved in fieldwork. Each would experience ‘itsabon or sorrowful-toil when they worked the soil with their hands.
  2. She would indeed have offspring who would crush the head of the Serpent Tempter as God had said in Genesis 3:15.


In Africa, and elsewhere where the translations make it look like God did only one very harsh thing to the woman the logic has gone as follows.

  • God apparently punished woman with multiplied pain in childbirth.
  • Since God is just she must have deserved this special punishment. So what had she done?


People incorrectly refer to the the man’s shockingly unfair charge that it was the woman’s fault that he ate the forbidden fruit. They see her as the Temptress on a level equal to or worse than the Serpent Tempter. Since God punished this female wrongdoer in this way shouldn’t all her daughters be suspect. Should all of them be harshly restricted in the home, the church and society?

There are many unjust and even harmful limitations placed on women that are justified by these wrongdoers who point to mistranslated Genesis 3:16 to support their acts! All this when Genesis 3:16 says no such thing! God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam for that matter) or limit woman in any way.

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On 3/16 Day 2023 the Tru316 Foundation held its Public Launch Event. Keynote Speaker was Dr. Jeannine Brown of the NIV Revision Committee. Her address can be seen here:

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Yes. The Tru316 Foundation offers courses and LIVE interactive Fast-Class Workshops through its Tru School. See and also THOSE WHO BECOME TRU PARTNERS RECEIVE A COUPON CODE FOR TUITION FREE ADMISSION TO TRU SCHOOL OFFERINGS SUCH AS THE EDEN WORKSHOP ON GENESIS 2-3!


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