1,300 Languages Get Genesis 3 16 Wrong!

Maybe you knew this, but I just learned about an app that will deliver the Bible in thirteen hundred languages. And when they get to Genesis 3:16 each one distorts what God really said!

The Tru316 Project is serious business but it is new! It was launched on 3/16/2020.

To get people’s attention and make this work possible we need a team of supporters who each help in some way, as they are able.

How? Here are ways to help and two are new!

1. Pray daily for the God’s words to get straightened out and then taught with power.

2. NEW! Make a monthly commitment of $3.16 or more. Six have so pledged far.


3. NEW! Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel. 40 have joined so far.


4. Educate yourself by purchasing and downloading materials you can use to teach yourself and others from Tru316.com/shop

5. Share this post with others.

I’m looking for encouragement and for gaining momentum in tru-ing up Genesis 3:16 and those related passages. Thanks for your encouragement!

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Founder, the Tru316 Project


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