The Eden Podcast Study Guide 1. Genesis 3 16 Has Been Polluted!


Here’s what you’ll hear on Season 1 of The Eden Podcast!!

1. ONE MISTRANSLATED VERSE is the source of patriarchal beliefs. Episode 1.

2. God’s own statement on gender equality – “equal partners.” Episode 2.

3. What is God’s plan for marriage? Episode 3.

4. Did you know the man followed Satan’s model in Eden? Episode 4.

5. God named woman as combatant against the real Tempter in Eden. Episode 5.

6. God didn’t treat Woman like the other two who received curses. Episode 6.

7. God gave the Woman good news and bad news in Eden. But NO CURSE! Episode 7.

8. Adam’s curse and his second sin! Episode 8.

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