The Inflection Point In Biblical Studies!

Are we wrongly cursing Eve? By Bruce C. E. Fleming, co-founder of the Tru316 Foundation (

What do I wish I’d learned in Seminary? Top of the list? I wish I’d learned the Tru316 Message that in Eden “God didn’t curse Eve or Adam or limit woman in any way!”

Without getting that Tru316 message in my course work, sadly I was sent out to join the crowd of pastors who were very likely to “curse” Eve and all women by their teaching and their counseling.

All passionately went out and preached the wrong message. And today, many are still getting the message wrong!

Why so much unhappiness in our churches and in our Christian homes? We’ve joined the Enemy in attacking the woman and the man!

We too wrongly accuse Eve of being the Temptress and the root of all evil. But it was Satan who made the attack at the tree. Jesus called Satan a murderer and the Father of Lies in the beginning.

But the training being spread and so many traditions being practiced lead us to treat women as continually suspect. Women are treated as needing to be put in their place.

What is “her place”? In Eden God created him and her. He blessed them to be fruitful and multiply and to rule over the earth and its creatures. God ruled over them bothEach one first knew God and each one walked with Him in the Garden.

Why do we tend to join Satan in attacking? We do it in large measure because modern translations lead us astray. They make Genesis 3:16 look like God is zapping the woman’s body in childbirth and placing her under the rule of the rebellious man who had just wrongly blamed her and God Himself for leading him astray.

Through their mistranslation of Line 1 and other parts of 3:16 they cover over God’s balanced message of judgment and grace. And as a result, we are fed a bitter stream of invective against Eve and all women that is hard to ignore.

How can we learn the Tru316 Message? What did God say in Genesis 3:16?

We’ve put that message in several power packed formats. The best one for you may depend on your preferred learning styles.

– The Eden Course, online and on demand with videos for each lesson as well as quizzes and much munch more.

– The Book of Eden, with 8 great chapters that walk you through Genesis 2-3.

– The 8-Day Eden Workshop, with an intensive schedule of live zoom sessions with Mimi Ouimet and Bruce C. E. Fleming, author of The Book of Eden!

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