Is 1st Timothy 2 About Marriage? Here Is My Answer.


Coming soon: “Back to Eden, 1 Timothy 2-3. Corrected and Restored by the Word!”

Here are some of the insights you’ll find inside the book:

1 Timothy 2 

Verses 11-12 

1. Are not about women only learning

2. Are not about wives being submissive

3. Are not about restricting women from teaching

4. Are not about men having authority over women

5. Are not about keeping women silent.

Verses 13-15

1. Are not about Adam having first rank in the Garden of Eden

2. Are not about Eve being more susceptible to temptation or to sinning

3. Are not about childbirth at all but are about the birth of the promised child Jesus!

That’s a lot of what is not in 1 Timothy 2. Would you like to know what is in the passage? Make sure to get the book Back to Eden. Publication is set for this March, coming up. Watch for announcements on our website!

In the meantime you can get an idea of what’s inside the passage by listening to the episodes of Season 3 on The Eden Podcast. Here’s a place to start:

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Author of The Eden Book Series

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Is 1st Timothy 2 About Marriage? Here Is My Answer.

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