The Inflection Point In Biblical Studies!

We found the answer to the problem! 

The problem? People have been disappointed and even misled. Modern translations make it seem like God was unfair, Eve was the Temptress and all her daughters should be restricted in various ways.

The answer? An in-depth dive into the Hebrew words, and word patterns, in and around Genesis 3:16 shows that God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way!

Did the answer to the problem make a difference? Judge for yourself!

My wife, Dr. Joy Fleming and I prayerfully launched a podcast series and named it The Eden Podcast. Since then we have received downloads from 105 countries!

The stories we have heard from listeners can be summed up in this one, “I thought God was unjust, Eve was a fool and I stopped reading the Bible. Then I began to listen to The Eden Podcast. I learned God is more than just, Eve is now my hero and I’m reading and enjoying my Bible again!”

To get the word out to more people we’re putting together the Tru316 Foundation to support the work. In 2023 any success we have in “tru-ing” the verse of Genesis 3:16 and related passages will be powered by the charter members (like you) of the Foundation.

Would you sign up now? Our first Annual Benefit Dinner will be held on 3/16 Day. But your gifts are needed to help us plan and hold that Banquet.

Please click here and sign up to give the level of support you want to give. You will become a Charter Member and receive two tickets to the Banquet for on-site or on-line attendance.

Here’s the link. Please click and check it out.

Merry Christmas 2022 and may 2023 be an even better year for students of the Bible around the world thanks to all our efforts!

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Speaker on The Eden Podcast

Executive Director of the Tru316 Foundation

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