Caricatures Of Jesus? Of Eve?


Caricatures of Jesus? Of Eve? by Bruce C. E. Fleming, co-founder of the Tru316 Foundation

Do we get indignant when somebody describes Jesus unfairly as a kind of cartoon creation? Does it bother us when they draw out of all proportion some elements of the life of Jesus and cover over others making a foolish looking caricature out of the God/Man Jesus? Of course it does!

We react because we know better! We can compare these false pictures of Jesus with what we have come know of the true Jesus. We come to know of the true Jesus by reading of him in the four Gospels and elsewhere in the Bible.

But what about Eve? Do we realize Eve is being presented to us in an unfair and incorrect way?

The huge problem is that when we turn to our Bible translations to read a true description of Eve we are presented with a poorly drawn cartoon character. Her strength, innocence and awesome character qualities are denied and the facts of her life are twisted into ugliness.

  • She is not depicted as the victim of a horrible attack by the serpent tempter, one who heroically turned to God and denounced her attacker in court before the high judge.
  • She is not depicted as an equal partner in her home and as a co-ruler over all creation.
  • She is not depicted as the receiver of the Promise of the Good News and as the one who would combat Satan in league with her Lord God.

Yet, heroically, she is all of these good things and more!

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