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The Think Again Bible Passage Explainer – Genesis 1 to 2

Basic mistakes have been made. Does it seem some problems never go away? This happens when earlier root problems are fixed poorly or are overlooked altogether. Here are basic Bible passages with corrections everyone can take into account.

Genesis 1-2.

– Two adults were created to live and work together.

– They bore the image of their creator, the Three-in-One.

– The woman and man were “strong partners” (‘ezer kenegdo) and united by God.

– Their marriage was the model for all who would come afterward. A man was to leave his family publicly, commit to his wife and unite in heart and body.

– The first couple was blessed (in Genesis 1) to have children and fill the earth.

– No mention of children is made (in Genesis 2) in the definition of what necessarily constitutes the marriage of a man and a woman.

Based on original research of the Hebrew text of Genesis by Dr. Joy Fleming. See the summary of her work in one of these books. Man and Woman in Biblical Unity, by Joy Fleming. Women and Men in the Light of Eden by Bruce C. E. Fleming.

(cc) July 2019 by Bruce C. E. Fleming               

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