Yesterday was 316 Day, or March 16 (3/16), for the year 2019. I don’t think anybody noticed. Did you?

Maybe we lacked the vision for it. When someone has 2020 vision they see clearly. My vision is that 365 days from today, on 3/16/2020 the Day will truly mean something.

How so? That will be the day for the public launch of Tru316 Day! That’s why I’m writing this blog to post on today. For several months I’ve been troubled more and more that people are getting the wrong message from Genesis 3:16.

I started seeing the true message clearly in the 1980’s. My wife was doing her doctoral research in France on Genesis 2-3. She and I try “to keep our finger on the text” and respect every jot and tittle of God’s inspired Word. She saw that translators and scholars had wandered away from the clear meaning of the Hebrew text in verse 3:16. Is this a problem? Yes!

It is a big problem because this is the key verse on woman in the Garden of Eden. All kinds of theology that develops downstream throughout the books and chapters of the Bible look back to this verse. When this verse is made to say something different than what God originally said, all kinds of (sadly) twisted and errant thoughts on women are introduced into the stream of revelation.

Like what? I will be writing on this throughout the coming 365 days as we count down to Tru316 Day in 2020. So subscribe to this blog (as soon as I figure out how to let you do that). Or look elsewhere on for insight.

As I write this, I have no e-mail list, no financial partners, not much to get the word out, frankly. But I do have her research that was completed in 1987 and first published in 1993. Will you join me? Send me an email. Spread the word to others.

Bruce C. E. Fleming

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P.S. I’ll post a very important endorsement on her research in a coming post!

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