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“Eve! Did you know?” Yes, she knew! And if we learn about collective singular nouns we can understand just what Eve knew.

The Bible uses three collective singular nouns to reveal what Eve knew. They are italicized in the three points below.

  • Eve knew that her offspring would one day crush the head of her serpent tempter (Genesis 3:15).
  • Eve knew that God promised her she would certainly have conception (Genesis 3:16, Line 1).
  • Eve placed her faith in that childbearing and was saved (1 Timothy 2:15a)

The words family, flock, and team are collective nouns. These nouns are singular nouns and they are introduced by singular articles – as in the family, flock and our team. These collective singular nouns each refer to a single group of people or things. In most cases, collective nouns use singular verbs.

In the case of the three collective nouns in Genesis 3:15 and 16 and 1 Timothy 2:15a these nouns had packed within them a prophetic perspective. They pointed to the Christ child of Christmas!

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Have a very Merry Christmas thanks to God’s words to Eve and the fulfillment of them!

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Founder of the Tru316 Project (

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