God's Unique Words To The Woman


God’s words to the woman were uniquely patterned. They were unlike the others.

Why so different? The woman had not willfully rebelled against the Lord God as had the other two. She acted because she had been deceived. And as soon as she realized what had happened to her she unmasked the culprit to the Lord God their judge.

God’s words to the woman (in Genesis 3:16) were very different from the 6-point pattern used in God’s words both to the serpent-tempter (in verses 14-15) and to the man (in verses 17-19). They were made up of just 11 Hebrew words.

These 11 words had two distinct sections. In the first 4 Hebrew words, the Lord God took action. In the last 7 words, the Lord God instructed the woman on what life would be like since she was mortal and living with the most sinful man in the world.

The shared pattern of the Lord God’s words to the rebellious serpent-tempter and to the rebellious man merits a deeper look.

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