Joy Flemmeing Post

It is a pleasure to endorse Dr. Joy Fleming’s book entitled Man and Woman in Biblical Unity: Theology from Genesis 2-3. Her work, especially on Genesis 3:16, is to be commended as she identifies two words in this text that serve as linchpins, with one pointing back to the good news of the Promise in Genesis 3:15 and the other pointing to the bad news in Genesis 3:17, where God curses the ground which both the man and the woman will work. This work is a detailed and thorough study of the exegetical and theological implications of the Genesis narrative. I urge Christ’s Church to seriously consider the results of Joy’s study and to buy their own personal copy for a more comprehensive study of this key passage and the texts surrounding it.

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
President Emeritus
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Hamilton, MA

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