Many churches are minimizing God’s call to women. They are holding back and harming their sisters and mothers and daughters. Are their actions really based on Scripture?

A growing number of churches are not minimizing women. They are teaching that God uses women too, and in every way. Are they basing their actions on Scripture?

You may have observed that when these authors go head to head in discussions nobody comes up the winner. Their “biblical” foundation on one side remains unconvincing to the other side. Interpretations look like puzzles that have been put together with pieces missing. Each side is open to criticism by the other.

What is wrong? Where is the clarity we seek? Neither side has looked into the English mistranslation of God’s words to the woman in the Garden of Eden. Both sides assume God imposed an extra and severe punishment on the woman in childbirth in Genesis 3:16. Many talk about a so-called “curse of Eve” when actually God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way!

They reason in this way: “If God singled out the woman then there must be something pernicious about Eve, and all her daughters too, that merits unreasonable limitation and suffering by inflicted on them.” THIS leads to unbiblical patriarchal practices and the harmful limitation of women in ministry, in family life and in society.

WHO thinks like that? The serpent enemy who attacked them at the tree in the Garden, that’s who. Jesus called him a murderer and liar from the beginning (John 8:44). Satan in the serpent attacked and deceived the woman into eating the forbidden fruit along with the man.

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It is time “true” the verses on Eve and her daughters. Make sure the women and men in your life and in your church don’t hear the false messages from you on the role of women and men and their places in God’s kingdom.

By Bruce C. E. Fleming, host of The Eden Podcast and author of The Book of Eden.

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