Mary Knew. Eve Did Too!


Mary Knew. Eve Did Too!

by Bruce C. E. Fleming, Tru316 Foundation, December 2022

The Christmas Story is older than most people think. The full story involves two great heroines, Mary and also Eve. It begins all the way back in the Garden of Eden. Here’s what happened in the first part of the Christmas Story from Genesis 1-3.

  •  God created everything and put the man and the woman in Eden. All was very good!
  •  The two in the Garden were horribly attacked by the murderous Father of Lies
  •  The Attacker tricked one human (the woman) into disobeying God’s prohibition
  •   He succeeded in recruiting the other (the man) to join his rebellion against God

And then God set The Christmas Story in motion!

  •  The woman recognized the Tempter’s deceit and turned back to God
  •  God confirmed her in the battle against their attacker
  •  God promised to give the Savior through her in 3:15. Then, God reconfirmed that promise in Line 1 of 3:16 – “I will multiply … your conception.”

Eve knew about the birth of the promised Child. She heard about it from God. Mary knew too! She heard from the angel that she would be the one to bear that Child.

The Christmas Story has two great heroines full of faith. Each rejoiced to hear God’s promise. God used Eve and Mary to bring about the fulfillment and joy of the Promised One’s birth that first Christmas Day! O come let us adore Him!

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