Mary’s Easter Song!

© Bruce C. E. Fleming

Easter Sunday 2024

She stayed with him beneath the cross while others jeered and others fled.

She went to where they buried him out there among the dead.

Then, she came to care for his remains that early Easter morn.

The tomb was there but he was not. She gasped in grief, forlorn.


Her arms were full with spices used to pour upon the dead.

Perhaps he had been stolen as his evil critics said.

Where were all their soldiers, and who had moved the stone?

Then she saw the angels there, waiting in the tomb.


What more can tear her heartstrings? What more grief can she bear?

What was she now to think with those angelic beings there?

Then they spoke to her, “He’s risen! Do not worry; He’s not here.”

“Oh! where’s His body laying? Let me finish!” was her prayer.


Others with her rushed away but she still lingered long.

She saw a man there standing. Feared he’d say, “Just move along.”

“Where’s the body? Did you see them?” She did beg him. She was strong.

His burial was half over and she had to get it done.


“Listen!” The man beckoned. “Listen! Hear my voice.

Weep no longer. Weep no more. It’s now time to rejoice.

My funeral may not be over and the job may be half done.

But please, you never mind that. It never will get done.”


THEN SHE KNEW HIM! It was Christ! All alive and standing there!

That voice belonged to Jesus! Her heart cried out in prayer:

“What relief and what redemption! All you’d said has now come true!

I know you’re my Messiah and how I believe in you!”


“Go tell the others, woman! Go and tell that I’m alive!

As my disciple tell them, ‘Stop their worries. Stop their cries.’

As I’ve met with you I’ll see them too. It’s only just sunrise.

Yes all is done but there’s more too.” And joy was in her eyes!


He’s alive! He’s alive!

Yes he was dead and buried but he rose up from the dead.

He’s alive! He’s alive!

He sent her out that morning to spread just what He said.

He’s alive! He’s alive!

Her message still rings out! I can tell it like she said!

He’s alive! He’s alive!

He’s alive! Alive! Just as she said!

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