What word patterns have people missed that has led them into promoting hurtful theology?

In Genesis 2-3 about the Garden of Eden:
1. People have missed the 7-point chiasm of Genesis 2-3, in which the high point is 2:25 that highlights the two wonderful relationships of the Garden of Eden: (1) the wonderful relationship between the man and the woman and (2) the wonderful relationship between the Creator and the two humans in Eden.

2. They have missed the linchpin pattern embedded in Genesis 3:14-17, which is centered in the two key Hebrew words of Line 1 of 3:16: “your-toil” “and-your-conception.” These words confirm the promise of the protevangelium in 3:15 and the impact on fieldwork because of the curse on the ground imposed because of the man in 3:17.

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In Ephesians and 1 Timothy on life and leadership in the church:
1. They have missed the pattern called the “Prophetic Rhetorical Template,” which is also called the “Jump, jump, high jump pattern.” Paul used it in Ephesians 5:15-6:9 and again in 1 Timothy 1:18-3:6. Interestingly, for the “high jump” portion this pattern builds on the chiasm used in Genesis 2-3.

2. When they missed the uses of this literary pattern they went astray on the meaning of the key words in the pattern. As for Ephesians 5-6 they missed that it is a passage that teaches the unity of Christ and the Spirit-filled church. They incorrectly decided it was about a hierarchy in marriage. As for 1 Timothy 2-3 they missed that is a passage that discusses how to restore male and female wayward overseers thanks to the gracious work of Jesus, the faithful Logos. They incorrectly decided it was about restricting women because of a so-called order of creation.

The mean and harmful spirit of the serpent tempter is being spread abroad by those who twist these key passages. We need to “true” the key passages on women and men starting with Genesis 3:16 and its related passages. It is high time to spread the joyful and positive message of the Word of God to all members of the body of Christ!

– Please pray for those who are astray and causing harm.
– Please pray for those who are being harmed.
– Please pray for us as we seek to correct the source of this harm with the POSITIVE message of God’s Word.

Help us get the word out! We are stepping up contacts with scholars and linguists as we build consensus based on the word patterns in the Hebrew and Greek texts of these passages that shows that “God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way!”

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