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Blog hits, YouTube views or Podcast downloads? Which is better? by Bruce C. E. Fleming

There are some blogs that get a million downloads. Marg Mowczko’s in Australia and Sheila Gregoire’s in Canada come to mind. Both have been ministering for more than 10 years and their reach is fantastic!

The Tru316 Project has been podcasting for half a year. Our blog and YouTube Channel for two years. What results are we seeing?

The website traffic has increased from 900 hits/month to 1,400!

The Think Again Workshop YouTube hits have increased from 400 to almost 2,000!

The Eden Podcast has just passed 10,000! TEN THOUSAND in the first six months!!

Is this progress? It certainly is. The podcast format has gotten the most traction. Many people are binge listeners. They are downloading from more than 50 countries! The most popular episode is from Season 1 Episode 1. And that is what we planned for. That one presents the problem that Genesis 3:16 has been polluted.

Another one of our top ten downloads is Season 1 Episode 7. That one presents the 11 Hebrew words God spoke to the woman in the Garden of Eden. Based on the research of my wife, Dr. Joy Fleming, we learn the true content of 3:16, that God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way. Here’s the link to that Episode!

What about the book? The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3 is the most important one, but it will be just the first in our Eden series. Here is a link you can use to share the book with others! Have you rated it on Amazon or even written a review?

Book 2 will be coming out in the next weeks. It will be titled Beyond Eden, Ephesians 5:15-6:9. It will be available first as an audiobook from Audible.

We’ve now just passed the $100/month amount in regular donations. Do you know one person you can invite to join? That would be great! Everyone can afford $3.16/month (or more). Here’s that link to share:

Apart from all these numbers, every day we need your prayer support. Yesterday I was again interviewed on a major podcast. We covered Ephesians 5-6. It went OK but not as well as the interview I did on Genesis 2-3. The week before that I was on another, smaller podcast. Know anyone who might invite me on their podcast? This is the next step in getting out the word on the True 316!

Till next time,


Bruce C. E. Fleming, Tru316 Project Founder

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