Why Did Paul Bring Up Adam And Eve In 1 Timothy 2 13 15?


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“Is 1 Timothy about Headship”? No. There’s nothing about “headship” in 1 Timothy! Paul does take us back to Eden discussing Adam and Eve. Learn why in Chapter 6 in Back to Eden.

Others have been teaching something very different. Take for example, Owen Strachan. He is the former President of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which promotes the practice of complementarianism. The New Yorker quoted him in an article as saying, “The man is created first in the Old Testament, and possesses what the New Testament will call headship over his wife.” Strachan claims “headship” is biblical through and through. See any errors in his claim?

If Strachan thinks some of his ideas came from 1 Timothy 2, Bruce Fleming’s explanation of the references to Adam and Eve in 1 Timothy reveals a completely different view and an encouraging one.

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