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Clear and trustworthy Bible translation is one of the greatest needs for people of all times! Translations of Genesis 2-3 have several errors in them. That’s why we’re offering The Eden Workshop on Genesis 2-3 with two different time choices in September. HERE  Learn what was said about men and women, about marriage, about the tempter, about God, childbirth and more!

Think of the frustration people felt in the Middle Ages for hundreds of years as the message of the Bible was read out to them in Latin, a language most of them didn’t understand.

Think of the very first Bible translations into new languages around the world when the foreign translators didn’t fully understand the nuances of the language they were putting the Bible into. There were a number of errors made, some minor but some major.

Story. Joy and I learned a tonal language in the Congo where our trainers warned us how not to pronounce a certain word one way but to pronounce it a slightly different way. Pronounced one way the word meant “grace.” Grace. That’s an important word full of good theological meaning. But, we English speaking missionaries had a tendency to pronounce the word with slightly different tones, with the voice raised or lowered in pitch when pronouncing the word. When we did, the word meant “pig.” Pig?

Sadly there were a lot of sermons preached and a lot of confused listeners made when the message came across as the “pig of God.” Pig? What pig? That unclean animal? What was the “pig” of God??

Today, at the Tru316 Foundation we’re highlighting an even more important problem. It is an error being made in the translation of a key verse from the Garden of Eden where God spoke to the woman. In English, and in French and in language translations around the world people are reading that God basically cursed the woman with multiplied “pain in childbirth!” But that is not at all the clear meaning of the Hebrew words in Genesis 3:16!

God actually told her he would take action in two ways. He used two Hebrew words joined by “and” to tell her what he promised to do.

One action was to curse the ground because of the man. As a result each would experience sorrowful toil when working the ground with their hands. This has nothing to do with the act of childbirth.

The other action was to promise she would have multiplied conception or pregnancy. This promise built on God’s promise in Genesis 1 to be fruitful and multiply. It also built on God’s words to the serpent tempter in Genesis 3:15 where God said that her seed, or her offspring would crush its head. Conception or pregnancy has nothing to do with the act of giving birth at the very end of the process.

God gave her bad news and good news. The bad news that she and all people would have sorrowful toil when working the cursed soil. The good news was that she not only would be the mother of many, but the mother of the promised Messiah who would save us from the one who attacked us in the Garden of Eden.

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