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October news from the Tru316 Foundation

From Bruce C. E. Fleming, Executive Director

How are we doing? Would you say we are true to our calling?

Here we go! Early steps in organizing the Tru316 Foundation.

– Are we incorporated in the State of Minnesota? Yes! and our lawyer, Pat Mazorol of the Veritage Law Group, has submitted our application to the IRS to be recognized as a 501(c)(3). Looking forward to receiving that soon!

– Our bank accounts up and running. Donations by check can be sent to Tru316 Foundation, 6122 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55417. Your donation will help jump start us.

Who do we turn to?

Mimi Ouimet, from Virginia, is our first part-time staff member. She is in charge of The Eden Workshops! Mimi has already led three of these small-group discussion cohorts on zoom. Eight sessions are packed into an exciting two-week intensive package. Students from coast to coast have participated in The Eden Workshop on Genesis 2-3 and in The Beyond Eden Workshop on Ephesians 5-6. The feedback is all that we prayed for. For example, “I’m finally grasping the meaning of these wonderful passages!” and “I’m getting to ask those questions I never got answers for.” Textbooks are the books from The Eden Book Series starting with The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3. We’ve enjoyed receiving selfies sent in by our students. You can contact Mimi here: or learn more about the next Workshops here:

The production of the next on-demand Courses will be delayed

I was saddened when I was informed that a $10,000 pledge to Tru316 Foundation would not be fulfilled. We rejoiced at the donors’ seed gift of $1,000 even before we had officially organized. Due to reverses they were not able to send in the remaining $9,000. I had engaged Jessica Nagy who had produced The Eden Course (Genesis 2-3) to produce The Beyond Eden Course (Ephesians 5-6) and the remaining two courses on 1 Timothy and 1 Corinthians. But with this funding falling through I had to inform Jessica we are not able at present to engage her to produce her additional videos, quizzes and links. In the meantime we are looking for ways to get the word out that The Eden Course is available. You can learn more or purchase it now by going to

My assuming work as Executive Director has also been delayed. I had hoped to take up duties in contacting Bible translators and in directing the budding educational ministries of the Tru316 Foundation. For now, I continue to donate my time in producing podcasts, books and the like. This is a frustratingly slow time.

Book 3 in The Eden Book Series is coming soon!

Book 3 is titled, Back to Eden, 1 Timothy 2:8-3:16 and is subtitled, “Corrected and Restored by Jesus the Faithful Word.” Joanne Hagemeyer, co-host of Seasons 6-9 on The Eden Podcast, and I are putting the finishing edits on Book Three of The Eden Book Series! It will be available and NONE TOO SOON for those who are confused by this passage in 1 Timothy. This next book in the series will again demonstrate that when Genesis 3:16 becomes clear the other passages become clear too! (Would you like an autographed first edition copy of Book 3, when it comes out? A copy can be yours for a gift of $100 to the Tru316 Foundation! (LINK here.)

Season 9 completes the teaching cycle. 

The Eden Podcast delivers a fully-rounded education on the 7 key Bible passages on women and men! We are now releasing the middle episodes of our Season 9 on The Eden Podcast. These episodes feature discussions focusing on the confusing translation of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, 14:34-40 and 1 Peter 3:1-7. On Seasons 1-4, we give the basic teaching content of our curriculum on Genesis 3:16 and the related 7 key Bible passages on women and men. On Seasons 6-9, Joanne Hagemeyer and I use a question and answer format to discuss these same passages and take our listeners to a deeper understanding.

Save the date! Tru 3/16 Day! Please. Mark it down!

The evening of Thursday, March 16 will be the Public Launch of the Tru316 Foundation. Your presence is requested. We will have a special speakers live and on video. Did you know? Mimi Ouimet who leads The Eden Workshop is also an event planner! We’re looking to her for a well-planned event! We have reserved a lovely venue here in Minnesota for the occasion. Register your reservation with

Tru316 Foundation ( We are working to true the verse of Genesis 3:16 in our modern translations because in the Hebrew text God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way. But we need your help as we take our first steps as a new organization building toward our public launch on Tru316 Day! Please mail your donation to Tru316 Foundation, 6122 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55417.

Questions? Email or call 612-229-0007 now!

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