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I’m thoroughly enjoying working on our upcoming Think Again Workshop! It is “How to” Think Again about the Bible and reveals the methodology behind the research and presentation of all we do!

All of this undergirds the work we’ve done in the past year:

– Teaching 18 video Think Again Workshops twice monthly since September

– Building out our Website at

– Creating our new YouTube Channel with videos of all kinds. Channel Title? Tru316 Project – Women and Men in the Bible

– Preparing our Patreon Program for Pioneer Patrons of the Tru316 Project 

So, what is the Tru316 Project? The Tru316 Project is a scholarly and practical campaign to educate people as to the correct wording of Genesis 3:16 so that all translations will correct their errors and proclaim God’s true truth with power! It is written by Bruce C. E. Fleming and builds on the original research of Genesis 2-3 by Dr. Joy Fleming.

Did you think the ministry of correcting Genesis 3:16 to be true to the God-inspired original Hebrew words wasn’t serious? Think again! Look what has been accomplished so far!

Did you think that the second most important “3:16” verse in the Bible wasn’t important even though so many verses are linked to it downstream in the New Testament – and there is so much faulty theology and bad advice linked to ideas that aren’t actually in Genesis 3:16? Think again!

Is God moving you to help? Pick a level and start today. You’ll be an answer to my prayers and to those who need the clarification of ‘those passages’  through the ministry of the Tru316 Project as we think again about Genesis 3:16 and more!

Bruce C. E. Fleming, Founder of the Tru316 Project,

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