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It startled me at 2 a.m. A text message from Africa. It read: “Please explore how we can secure your book for every pastor/delegate.” Then a second message arrived: “About 150 copies.” I didn’t get back to sleep. Here is the story.

I had written the book for readers who use English as a second language. The first chapter covers Genesis 1-3 and especially what God said in Genesis 3:16.

It is entitled, Women and Men in the Light of Eden, a practical commentary on the three “Eden passages” – Genesis 1-3, Ephesians 5-6 and 1 Timothy 1-3, by Bruce C. E. Fleming. It is available as an e-book, but he was asking for the paperback version. That made sense.

He sent a picture with my book on his desk before him. The delegates would need it for a conference in rural Kenya late in August 2019.

The conference is sponsored by the Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education ( Here’s how they describe themselves: “Since 2013, EFOGE has been at the forefront of fighting for equality and justice for women and girls in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, including – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

I had to think about how to pay for the books and how to ship them there.

That’s when I thought of YOU! And I set up a GoFundMe campaign. Would you help? And pass on the word to another to get involved too? I’ll provide updates on my blog at “Prayer changes things!”

Here is that IMPORTANT GoFundMe link. Every $5, $10 or more makes a difference! And thanks from Rev. Domnic Misolo and myself!

Rev. Bruce C. E. Fleming
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