Satan Has Struck At Our Heel Too


Satan has struck at our heel too. As a result the church walks with a feeble limp. 

Where did he strike us? In our translations of Genesis 3:16, the very verse that follows God’s words to him about his striking the heel of the coming Offspring who would in turn crush his head!

The one Jesus called “the Father of Lies” (John 8:44) has injected his poison into God’s words to his enemy the woman. As a result we now have twisted versions of God’s first words to the woman in Genesis 3:16a.

In that verse God truly spoke to her about how she and the man would both have multiplied “toil” (’itsabon) working the cursed ground in fieldwork. And God promised to give her “pregnancies” (heron) and a Savior.

But a twist has been wrongly made at this point in the majority of modern translations. The toil both would experience is twisted for her case, and in her case alone, and is then improperly joined to what occurs at the very end of her 9-month long pregnancies. The outcome sounds something like a curse: pain-in-childbirth!

Mistranslations and misunderstandings need to be corrected. We need a true 3:16.

Bruce C. E. Fleming. Founder of the Tru316 Project.

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