Satan's Fruit In The Garden Of Eden!!


In Genesis chapter 3, we see the beginning and growth of the spiritual combat between the life-giving Creator and the murderous angelic being who attacks them both. Satan sowed lies in the Garden, fostering the growth of his hateful rebellion among the humans he set out to kill.

We see rebellion at work ruining the relationships between the man and God, and the man with his partner. We see the man, hostile in his dealings with both his  loving God and his loving wife. Hideously, the man sides with their enemy!

When God poses a leading question offering him a chance to reveal his enemy (as in WHO TOLD him something?) the man hides the serpent-tempter’s actions. Instead, the man unfairly and incorrectly accuses God and the woman of being at fault (these are lies). God was not his tempter. Neither was the woman his temptress.

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