The Book Of Eden! Fixing The Biggest Translation Error!


Can you tell others the answers to these questions? What did God really say in Eden to the woman

– about her offspring?

– about the cursed earth?

– about the woman herself?

– about the man?

Do you know? Is the version of the Bible you are using misleading you

– if it gives the impression God somehow cursed the woman in the Garden?

– if it gives the impression God thought the woman’s desire was a bad desire?

– if it gives the impression God wanted the rebellious man to rule over her?

Start a study group with The Book of Eden. 

– How did God describe the woman in relation to the man

– How was the woman linked to the serpent and the man but was unlike them

– How did God make a promise to the woman and then reconfirm it to her

– How did God teach the woman about her mortal body and her fallen husband

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