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Are you aware? Do you have empathy for how hurtful the faulty translations of Genesis 3:16 are? They have created vast numbers of victims.

Social media message boards get new posts every day from those who have another true story to tell. It is heartbreaking. And all the more so because these people do not know the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is the mistranslation – at multiple points – of the Hebrew words that make up Genesis 3:16. These mistranslations make God out to look almost as hostile to the woman in the Garden of Eden as the Tempter was!

But God’s words to her in the Garden were really quite just and even encouraging. That is what the “JOY translation” of the verse, done by my wife, Dr. Joy Fleming, shows every one who learns about it. And that is why this Cause Platform of was launched in February 2019.

Please sign up now, make a monthly partner pledge of the amount you choose, and build the movement to learn and spread the good news in Genesis 3:16.


Respectfully and earnestly,
Rev. Bruce C. E. Fleming

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