I Do Not Think That Means

I turned on the radio and there they were. Four men answering listener questions. “Can you explain Genesis 3:16 for me please?” I was hooked and hanging on every word they were going to say.

Voice #1. Well the verse says “woman will have great pain in childbirth…”

My Voice (in my head). No! It doesn’t say that!

Voice #2. Before we go any further into the verse, could you comment on that first part?

My Voice (speaking out loud in my vehicle). Comment on that? How about correct what you just said??

Voice #3. It seems pretty clear.

My Voice. Not at all brother!

They went on pooling their ideas. Not one of them got any part of the verse right. I pulled over and wrote down this quotable that came from my own thinking. “If you are building on a verse, you can call it a dogma. If you are not building on a verse, you better call it an opinion.”

I wanted to introduce the four speakers to the booklet my wife has written based on her doctoral research. I wonder if they would read it? I wrote down the contact information of one of the men for my “to do” list.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

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