I was horrified. In Africa, they told me of what was done to the young woman who was taking hours to deliver her baby. Quoting from their version of Genesis 3:16, and using that to justify their actions, the local women rubbed the juice from red-hot mini-peppers into her eyes. “She needs more pain to make her free that baby! She is holding back from giving her husband her baby. The Bible says she deserves to suffer in childbirth!”

Did that help her deliver faster? Were they right to inflict pain on her? Was this a misuse of their version of Genesis 3:16? Was this just a story from the bad old days? Hadn’t things gotten better by now?

Sadly, every year even MORE tribal languages are being translated improperly at verse 3:16. And they will continue to do so unless more people learn about the corrections found in the research by Dr. Joy Fleming of Genesis 3:16.

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