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The Think Again Bible Passage Explainer. Let’s clean up our thoughts about the Garden of Eden curses!

Research has revealed the woman wasn’t cursed! 

Because of this we need to think again and clean up our theology through all 66 books of the Bible! Let’s start with the Garden of Eden.

She was not cursed: First, let that sink in. We have been exposed, so many times, to thinking that has treated her like she had been cursed. If God didn’t curse her, who would want us to think she had been?

If God didn’t curse her, why not? What kind of thinking is this! Are we so used to the idea that she had been cursed by God that we have to justify God? As if God had missed something we all know?

Going way beyond the curses: How many curses were there? Some have placed all kinds of “curses” of their own on the woman. But count them. There are only two lasting curses from the Garden of Eden in effect today. (1) The serpent still crawls on its belly. (2) The ground still produces thistles and thorns. There are only two lasting curses from the Garden of Eden in effect today because there were only two curses made by God in Eden.

It is good that those curses are still lasting! We can count on God’s promises still to be in effect today too! God promised the woman that her conception would result in the One who would crush the head of her serpent-tempter. Jesus Christ was struck by Satan on the cross. But the end result, after his resurrection, seems only to be a scar on the heel. We are still waiting for the final blow to fall crushing the head of the serpent-tempter.

End of Part One.

Think Again! God did not curse the woman or the man, or change them in any way. God cursed only the serpent and the ground. We should not treat either the woman or the man as if God had cursed them. Neither one was cursed. But each could look to the Champion!

Based on original research of the Hebrew text of Genesis by Dr. Joy Fleming. See the summary of her work in one of these books. Man and Woman in Biblical Unity, by Joy Fleming. Women and Men in the Light of Eden by Bruce C. E. Fleming.

(cc) Bruce C. E. Fleming (July 2019)

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