Did Eve Seduce Adam At The Tree?

You know how people treat Adam like the good guy in Eden? Here’s a surprising list I made based on Chapter 8 of The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3.

1. Adam rejected God’s command.

2. Adam took Satan’s advice.

3. Adam blamed God and his wife.

4. Adam usurped God’s place in ruling over her.

5. Adam was a rotten role model for their son Cain.”

So why would we want to defend Adam? No need to make him out to be worse than he was. But no reason to mistake who he was.

In Chapter 6 of The Book of Eden it is revealed how God spoke to the two rebels – the serpent tempter and the man – in a parallel six point pattern that should raise the hair on your neck!

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Author of The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3.


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