The Inflection Point In Biblical Studies!

Tru or False? The Eden Podcast Quiz for Beginners! by Bruce C. E. Fleming (

If possible play with two or more persons. Keep score. Check answers below.


1. God made the man and then God made the Garden of Eden. T or F

2. God cursed two times in Eden: serpent, earth. T or F

3. The man alone dubbed the animals with their names. T or F

4. Things were very good in Eden before the Attack. T or F

5. Both the man and the woman heard the words of the tempter at the tree. T or F

6. There were two rebels in Eden: the serpent tempter, the man. T or F

7. God acted twice in promising toil and conception for the woman. T or F

8. God warned the woman of the man’s desire to rule over her. T or F

9. God judged Satan and the man with parallel words. T or F

10. The man dubbed the woman with a name just like he did the animals. T or F

Answers. Hint: They are all true or all false. Which are they?

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