God's Two Most Important Words To The Woman In Genesis 3 16


“There are two proleptic prophecies embedded in Genesis 3:16a!” by Bruce C. E. Fleming

A new discovery we’ve made disqualifies absolutely “pain-in-childbearing” as the translation of Hebrew words 3 (‘itsabon) and 4 (heron) to the woman in Genesis 3:16a.

Not only are there two distinct thoughts (“sorrowful-toil” and “conception;” not only must these two words be recognized as separate thoughts because “sorrowfultoil” is a proleptic prophecy (the result is foretold but the cause is not given) which points down to verse 17 and the immediate activation of it by God when the ground was cursed and the man too would experience “sorrowfultoil;” but there is a second proleptic prophecy. It was made to the serpent-tempter in verse 15!

Somehow, I never before looked for two proleptic prophecies in these verses. But the suspicion that one was there finally hit me!

If there were a second proleptic prophecy it would be found in the context of 3:16. And there it was, made in verse 15, the news that the woman would have “offspring” who would crush Satan. Since that was the result part of the proleptic prophecy, where was the immediate activation of it made by God? The prophecy is activated by God right away in verse 3:16, in Hebrew word 4, when God says “I will surely multiply your conception”!

What does this mean? Please watch the videos or read the books on this topic we already have produced that are in the shop on Tru316.com or on the YouTube Channel. More on this second prophecy and its importance is to come.

I believe this is a very important clarification of what is happening verses 15-17. Scholars must take it into account and discard their incorrect wording in current Bible versions. God did not place a “curse” on the woman in any way.

And while commentators have sensed that the three participants at the Tree in the Garden were closely intertwined in God’s words in these verses, here is a clarification into what was going on. They were not, as many have claimed, just three culprits all cursed in a row by God.

No! God speaks to the rebellious serpent-tempter and man in identical six-point speeches. But there is one stand-out participant in the middle speech – the woman. She is only linked to the other two by God’s two proleptic prophecies embedded in the linchpin construction in 3:16a.

God’s 11 words to her are entirely different from the adjacent speeches, because her heart was different. She didn’t rebel. She had to be deceived to get her to eat. And afterwards, she turned on the tempter rightly denouncing him as her deceiver and condemning his attack directly to the Judge, confessing her disobedience.



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