Satan Has Struck At Our Heel Too


The Tru316 is the correct translation of God’s 11 Hebrew words to the woman in four Lines in Genesis 3:16

by Joy Fleming, PhD and Bruce C. E. Fleming

Here is the Tru316 message in English:

I will multiply your toil and your conception.

With effort you will bring forth children.

Your love is for your husband,

but he will rule over you.


First God acts.

“I will multiply your toil and your conception.” Line 1 is not a curse on the woman. God acts in two ways. “Toil.” God will curse the ground because of the man (as recorded in verse 17) and then both he and she will experience sorrowful toil as they work the ground with their hands. “Conception.” God confirms she will have pregnancy and bear offspring who will crush the head of her enemy (as recorded in verse 15). This is part two of the protevangelium that began in verse 15.

Then God explains.

“With effort you will bring forth children.” Line 2 is the first time God addresses the subject of childbirth (even though modern mistranslations incorrectly make it look like God talks about pain in Lines 1 and 2). Outside of Eden she will expend “effort” in childbearing. She will have more than one child; she will have “children.”

“Your love is for your husband,” Line 3 is where God looks into her heart after the attack by the tempter. God finds she still affectionately “desires” her husband.

“but he will rule over you.” Line 4 is where God warns the woman that her husband’s heart has changed. He desires to usurp God’s proper place and rebelliously will “rule” over her himself.

This is the Tru316. Is the Tru316 inside the Bible you use? If not, please contact the source who provided you with it and ask that it be corrected.

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January 6, 2022

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