What Is Mother's Day? Who Is Our Role Model? Eve Of Course!

When did you learn the Tru316 Message? How did you react? Did it make a difference?

It is wonderful that God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way! This is what Dr. Joy Fleming revealed from her 7-year epic study of Genesis 2-3 and especially Genesis 3:16.

In 2022 on The Eden Podcast we will be featuring Tru316 Stories from people like you! Several have already told them. We’d love to have you tell yours!

Short and sweet? Long and detailed? Written only? Audio only? Both?

You can record up to 5 minutes. Or you can write it out and I’ll read it for you on the podcast!

Here is a suggested outline to follow. Adapt it as necessary for your Tru Story!


This is my Tru316 Story

I first came across the Tru316 message “that God didn’t curse Eve or Adam or limit woman in any way” when I:

Here is how I felt when I heard the Tru316 message:

Because of the Tru 316 Message I now know that:

Bonus question: Without the Tru316 Message:

This is what I am doing as a result of the Tru316 Message:

As far as the Tru316 message, my prayer for others is:

Send your Tru Story to bf0007@me.com. You can record it and send the sound file or you can write it out. Have you been blessed? This is one way you can bless others!

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