Satan Has Struck At Our Heel Too


Why Tru316? Until every translator knows better …

Do you want to ask Why? Why should you correct Genesis 3:16 in your own Bible? Why should translators do better in every new language translation that comes out around the world? Why should existing translations be updated and corrected?

Because readers are getting the wrong ideas from the words they have in front of their eyes. Because people are getting the wrong idea about God’s mercy. Because people are thinking incorrectly that God somehow cursed and limited woman in 3:16.

Dr. Joy Fleming showed that in the original Hebrew words of Genesis 3:16 God did not curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way!

Those who think God treated the woman as the Temptress, or co-temptress, think God blamed her and punished her. They then blame all women and try to punish or restrict them, trying to follow God’s supposed example. The results have been unfair and hurtful!

If the woman had an enemy in the Garden of Eden her enemy was not God. If the woman faces unfair and hurtful treatment today, that is not God’s will.

Jesus said Satan is the Father of lies, and a murderer (John 8:44). Satan attacked the woman and the man at the Tree in the Garden of Eden. God confirmed the woman in her conflict with the enemy, Satan, and gave her the promise of eventual victory. In the meantime Satan is attacking woman in every devious way possible. And especially in distorting the translation and interpretation of God’s words to her in Genesis 3:16.

Should errant ideas be allowed to cover over what God intended to communicate in a key verse such as Genesis 3:16? No? Of course not!

How then may we take action? Join the Tru316 Project at $3.16/month! Because we are working to make translators aware that God didn’t curse Eve or limit woman in any way in Genesis 3:16.

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