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The book, Building a Story Brand, walks people through a story building process. It is used for onboarding new team members and helps them with language to become instant advocates. So, I’m following the process and here is today’s 60-second version (even with the prompts to the Story Brand stages in bold) as we build toward Launch Day 3/16/2020! Let me know what you think via Thanks!


TRU316 Story Brand Script by Bruce C. E. Fleming, March 25, 2019

Let’s Trust Genesis 3:16 Again

1. A Character: What do they want?

“Women and men love the Bible. They want to benefit from reading Genesis 3:16.”

2. Has a problem: Villain

“Satan, the confirmed enemy of the woman in the Garden, is attacking “her verse” and ruining all ‘downstream’ verses from it too.”

Internal issues

“Many people get that eww feeling reading Genesis 3:16. It gets worse when they try to apply it. Still worse when they try to interpret later passages in its light.”

Philosophical issues:

“All Scripture should be beneficial. But something is wrong with the English translation of this verse.”

3. And Meets a Guide: Empathy

“Dr. Joy Fleming spent seven years studying the Hebrew text of Genesis 3:16 in the context of Genesis chapters 2-3. She proved that Genesis 3:16 has both wonderful good news and reasonable bad news.”

4. Who Gives Them a Plan: Process

“Here is the major discovery made by Dr. Joy Fleming.

There are two linking words in the original Hebrew text. One key Hebrew word (heron) links back to the good news of the Promised Offspring in Genesis 3:15. The other key Hebrew word (‘itsabon) links ahead to the bad news in Genesis 3:17 where God curses the ground because of the man, bringing “sorrowful toil” to each of them as he – and she – work the cursed ground.

Current translations must be corrected in the light of her discovery. If the linking word pattern was not there God might actually be saying just one new thing, “I will multiply your pain-in-childbirth.” But it is there.”

5. And Calls Them to Action:

– Direct –

“We need to cross out the mistranslated wording and write the correct words in the margin. Then we need to claim the verse’s promise and learn from the consequences of sin described by it.”

– Transitional –

“All translations, into whatever language, must make sure to follow the translation laid out by Dr. Joy Fleming. It can be studied in her book, Man and Woman in Biblical Unity: Theology from Genesis 2-3.

6. That Ends in Success:

“We can trust Genesis 3:16 again and boldly apply its lessons to other passages and to our lives.”

7. And Helps Them Avoid Failure

“We can discard the erroneous idea that God cursed the woman in the Garden of Eden. God did not curse the woman then, nor does He now.”

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