You Are Part Of The Eden Podcast Family!


Have you listened? You a member of The Eden Podcast family! Has God’s word blessed you as you have listened and studied God’s word together with us? I’m grateful for you!

During my college years I was the Director of a 30-voice church Teen Choir. In a way, as Director I taught good theology to my choir members as they memorized the wonderful words of those hymns and gospel songs. That was my great joy – as well as worshiping and enjoying their music.

I am now experiencing an even greater joy as I see the rising number of episode downloads as YOU listen to the life-changing meaning of the passages we are studying together. Thank you so much. You are making a great investment in your life, the life of your family and friends and the life of your local church.

Episode One of The Eden Podcast has been downloaded more than a thousand times. Listeners have gone on to download the equivalent of 10 more times each, downloading more than ten thousand episodes! This is equivalent to your taking a year’s Introductory Course in Bible Content and Practical Theology on Genesis 3:16 and the related Old Testament and New Testament passages.

Now that you have listened and learned what comes next?

1. Most listeners will be a basic learner. Maybe that’s you. You have been learning in order to apply what you have learned. God is helping you to have confidence in the Bible and to boldly live out in your daily life what you have been learning. And that’s great! Please try to listen to the first Season of The Eden Podcast where we think again about the key Genesis passages on women and men in the light of a true understanding of Genesis 3:16. We learn that in Genesis 3 God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way. You can now get and study the books in The Eden Series. There are Study Guides that go with each chapter to help you go deeper! Book One in the Series is The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3.


2. Some listeners, perhaps every listener, will be gifted by God to help others. Maybe this is you?? In what ways can you help others?

a. Pray for those who are listening to The Eden Podcast. Pray for others who need to find out about the Eden Podcast and the books in The Eden Series.

b. Refer them to episodes of The Eden Podcast that interest them. Refer them to a book in The Eden Series that interests them.

c. Engage with others in informed, loving conversation.

d. Point them to the website of the Tru316 Project with its blog, shop, products, transcripts of the podcast episodes, links to the YouTube Channel and more.

e. Refer them to a Tru316 Project mentor who can answer their questions.

3. Some listeners will be called by God to do more. To take action. Maybe this is you? In what ways can you take action?

a. Organize a listening group or a book club to go through an episode or a chapter.

b. Apply to be a Mentor with the Tru316 Project to answer questions on the content of The Eden Podcast. Attend live, or by replay, the Monthly Mentoring Meetings.

c. Be an activist encouraging translation committees, authors, pastors and educators to update their materials in light of the correct understanding of Genesis 3:16. This action is the very reason I founded the Tru316 Project! This is what I pray for!

4. One or more listeners will join the team of the Tru316 Project part- or full-time. Maybe that’s you. What skills could you bring to the Tru316 Project that would strengthen the ministry of the people just described?

YOU are now a resource person. You have learned much by listening to episodes of The Eden Podcast, and from studying The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3.

Is God moving you to teach the Bible from what you have been learning on The Eden Podcast? You can be an encouragement to others who need to hear the true message of the Garden of Eden!

What will happen if you go deeper with the Tru316 Project? More will happen!! You already know what happens on The Eden Podcast. You know of my love for Africa. You know my appreciation for my wife’s research into Genesis 3:16. Most of all you know of our love and respect for the Bible, even in the so-called difficult passages, which turn out to be full of good news.

For whatever level of engagement you choose to make, make it a good one. Pray about it. Keep listening to The Eden Podcast. Keep reading your Bible.

Refer others to the podcast and the books. Take the step to make monthly financial support to the Tru316 Project HERE and apply to become one of our mentors. Above all – take action!

Write me and the team of the Tru316 Project on the action you will take. Here’s the email address! Or use the bot window on our website to ask a question or make a comment when you go to

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