Paul Said ABC But People See XYZ!


I’m celebrating my birthdayour wedding anniversary and the launch of Year Three of the Tru316 Project by offering you my FREE book! Here’s the link:

My wife and I, Dr. Joy Fleming, recently attended a Christian wedding. We and the young couple will always share the same wedding date. During the celebrations there were lots of God-honoring portions. But there were also some nice sounding, but incorrect references made to Genesis and Ephesians. I was saddened by this. The correct Genesis and Ephesians verses I have in mind are included in my FREE book I’d love for you to order.

Recently, Sheila Wray Gregoire interviewed me on her podcast on Genesis 3:16. She called my and Joy’s work “Genius.” On her YouTube Channel the headline read, “You’ll be SHOCKED at this translation of Genesis 3:16!” The headline struck us as a bit strongly worded. But there was Sheila smiling and holding up The Book of Eden. I was delighted to note that thousands of people watched that video and many more listened to the interview on her podcast. I also offered it as a BONUS episode on The Eden Podcast.

Have you heard? This year, Year Three of the Tru316 Project is Recruitment Year. The research and presentation on what happens when we get right Genesis 3:16 is now available to the world on The Eden Podcast, in The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3 and via the Think Again Workshops on our YouTube Channel.

But this year, is Recruitment Year! It is time to train a team to teach the Tru316 to others. So we are launching TruSchool and TruGroup!

– TruSchool is where we train Tru316 Teachers for readers of confused and confusing translations. Our first TruSchool Mini Course, “Did God Blame Eve?” has been released.

I’ve been surprised at just who finds the Tru316 message to be helpful:

o Those who minister to abused and trafficked women.

o Homeschool teachers looking for a better curriculum.

o Listeners in 70 countries worldwide who have downloaded tens of thousands of Episodes of The Eden Podcast.

We’ll be collecting TRUx messages. Just like TEDx that features offsite TED Talks we’re collecting TRU messages. These are Tru316 Talks by those who are incorporating the teaching of the Tru316 Project! Watch for them! We’ll be featuring them on our YouTube Channel and other platforms. Already we are aware of sermons, podcast episodes, rewritten book chapters, social media feed comments and blog posts that have incorporated the Tru News of Genesis 3:16! May your tribe increase!

– TruGroup is where we group together to advocate for modern translations to do better! We meet twice a month to update one another of our various efforts and to highlight the work of one of our Group members and give feedback. Should you be a member of this mastermind group? Contact me directly if you’d be a good fit:

Bruce C. E. Fleming, Founder of the Tru316 Project

Reminder: This month I’m offering my FREE book, Women and Men in the Light of Eden. I’d love for you to have a copy to refer to and to share with another. Here’s the link

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