Genesis 3 16. What God Did. What You Can Do!

Giving Tuesday? We can’t participate this year. That’s why we are incorporating the Tru316 Foundation. We’ll be participating fully next year. In the meantime? We need your help. Who else understands better than you do?

This week the Tru316 Foundation was introduced by Bruce C. E. Fleming on The Eden Podcast, on the Season 6 – BONUS Episode. Here is the transcript for you: Our Christmas Challenge.

Joy and I would like to invite you to help start the Tru316 Foundation. The Tru316 Foundation? Yes!

We have been working on the groundwork for the Tru316 Foundation for some time. We now need to raise the first funds. To do this we have set up a GoFundMe campaign as our Christmas Challenge 2021. 

This Christmas Challenge will last only a brief period. Donations from any and all listeners of The Eden Podcast will go toward incorporating the Tru316 Foundation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

But we need your gifts to do this. Up to now this has been a labor of love on our part with no ways for others to get involved. Now we need your help.

The Tru316 Foundation is dedicated to undoing the damage done by the mistranslation of Genesis 3:16. In three ways. 

(1) Support the teaching ministry of the Tru316 Project, its podcast and its publications. 

(2) Help ATD Women through strengthening like-minded organizations. 

(3) Play its part in combating what we’re calling Big Patriarchy.

ATD?These letters stand for Abused, Trafficked and Deflected women.

– women who are abused: sexually abused, emotionally abused, financially abused and spiritually abused.

T – women who are trafficked: as less than free individuals created in God’s image.

D – women who are deflected: deflected from following their calling and deflected using their gifts.

We are receiving reports, very heartwarming ones, from ATD women around the world who are being helped by the Tru316 message. They are being helped as we spread the message that God did not curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way in the Garden of Eden.

Big Patriarchy?These are the voices and organizations that promote pagan patriarchy in our schools and institutions, in our homes and in our churches.

We have a big job to do. There is a lot of incorrect teaching that needs to be overcome.

Donations to the Tru316 Foundation will significantly move forward the work. Already, close to 50,000 downloads have been made of episodes of The Eden Podcast. Already, readers of The Book of Eden are reporting the relief they feel and the encouragement they have received to learn what God said in the Garden of Eden.

So, we are inviting you to invest in the future ministry of the Tru316 Foundation. Are you able to make a donation? Here’s how to do it Please visit our website at Tru316

Details. Here’s how the Tru316 Foundation specifically will work for you.

1. The Tru316 Foundation will support the operation of the rapidly growing Tru316 Project. Donations from individuals and private family foundations are needed here.

2. The Tru316 Foundation also will allow donors to make donor advised gifts to organizations that are like-minded ministries to the Tru316 Project.

a. Donor advised funds are a powerful way to make change. Donors make major gifts during a given calendar year and receive the tax benefit. Later, they will advise the Tru316 Foundation which organizations they wish to receive those funds.

b. Such donations are happening elsewhere all the time. I recently spoke with the Board Chair of a Christian organization that received and handled donor advised funds last year to the tune of 2 billion dollars. How much of that money has gone to minister to ATD Women? Some, perhaps. How much has been used to correct Big Patriarchy and gone toward getting out the message of the Tru316, correcting the harmful messages?

Will you consider this? Please visit our website:

Has The Eden Podcast helped you?Would you like to help others in the same way?

Do you know the groundswell of response we have been getting? Do you know what has been happening in the lives of those who have been learning the message of the Tru316 which was revealed in the research of my wife Dr. Joy Fleming on Genesis chapters 2 through 3, and especially on God’s 11 Hebrew words addressed to the woman in Genesis 3:16? Do you know the response of joy generated by my studies on the related passages in the New Testament revealed in the light of the Tru316? The response has been tremendous!

But translations around the world still make it look like God somehow cursed Eve and placed the rebellious man to rule over her, when only God rightfully rules over the human beings, the equal partners, He created.

Women are still being abused and trafficked. They are being deflected from all that God has in mind for them. Big Patriarchy is still pumping out its propaganda.

We need to start the Tru316 Foundation!

The start of the Tru316 Foundation will result from listeners like you making your gift, taking our humble Christmas Challenge. We’ve set up a simple GoFundMe campaign to collect the very first gifts.

The first donations from around the world have already been received, from Slovenia, from the United Kingdom, from Canada, from the Carolinas and even from Idaho. Thank you John, Loes, Janet, Katie, Leaona and Mike! Would you take the Christmas Challenge as well? 

The link to make your donation through our GoFundMe account is available right now. Please go to Or go directly to


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