“Is Tru316 Inside?” Our Cry For 2022!


“Is Tru316 Inside?” Our cry for 2022!

by Bruce C. E. Fleming

Of course John 3:16 is the most important 3:16. To have new life inside thanks to Jesus is the very best 3:16 to have inside!

But what about Genesis 3:16? It is very important to have a true version of Genesis 3:16. All translations into modern languages must be true to God’s 11 Hebrew words to Eve. We’re calling this message the Tru316.

BUT the words you will read in most modern translations have strayed far from the true meaning of God’s 11 Hebrew words. Translations today of Genesis 3:16 incorrectly make it look like God basically cursed Eve and all women. But God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way.

Here are the first four Hebrew words of Line 1 of Genesis 3:16:

(1) Multiplying (2) I-will-multiply (3) your-toil (4) and-your-conception.

This is a far cry from translations such as that found in the NIV: “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe.”

Hebrew word #3 ties God’s words to the woman in 3:16 to God’s words to the man in Genesis 3:17. There, God says that because of the man God will curse the ground.

As a result, all people, both men and women, will experience sorrowful toil as they work the cursed ground with their hands. This experience was later described by Noah’s father in Genesis 5:29.

This “toil” is not related to childbearing in any way. But modern Bible translations make it look that way for the woman.

The Tru version of Genesis 3:16 must be in your hearts and in our understanding. Let’s also work to get it into our Bibles and our teaching as well!

Make 2022 the year when people rise up and ask publishers, preachers and all people, “Is Tru316 inside?”

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Founder of the Tru316 Project (Tru316.com)

Co-founder of the Tru316 Foundation

Here’s a link: https://tru316.com/foundation



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