Have you noticed these Garden Basics from Genesis 2-3?

by Bruce C. E. Fleming, Tru316 Foundation (Tru316.com) 1:28, 2:25 Creation order. United in image and likeness of God, naked and unashamed 2:18 Human relations. Equal partners – husband and wife. 3:12-13 Attack & responses. Two levels of disobedience – 1st...

The JUMP, JUMP, HIGH JUMP Sections in Ephesians 5-6

The Fifth “Therefore Walk” Section of Ephesians 4-6 is Ephesians 5:15-6:9. It is all about The Great Mystery Revealed! But most people have missed this great truth because they haven’t paid attention to the literary pattern of the jump, jump, high jump. by Bruce...
Missing the Word Patterns Leads to Misunderstanding!

Missing the Word Patterns Leads to Misunderstanding!

What word patterns have people missed that has led them into promoting hurtful theology? In Genesis 2-3 about the Garden of Eden: 1. People have missed the 7-point chiasm of Genesis 2-3, in which the high point is 2:25 that highlights the two wonderful relationships...
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